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    Embrace the enduring beauty of human connection with our exquisite handmade deckled edge paper card. Featuring a timeless quote from Audrey Hepburn, "the best thing to hold onto in life is each other", this card celebrates the importance of love and togetherness. Each card is ethically produced, ensuring no slave labor in the supply chain, and comes in a delicate mauve color with grey ink letterpress. Packaged in recycled material and labeled for sustainability, this card is a meaningful reminder to cherish the bonds that unite us.


    - Handmade deckled edge paper card
    - Audrey Hepburn quote: "the best thing to hold onto in life is each other"
    - Mauve color with grey ink letterpress
    - Size: 4.25"W x 5.5"L
    - Includes grey euro flap envelope to match ink
    - Sleeved with recycled material and labeled

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