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    Introducing our delightful Strawberry Earl Grey tea, a blend born out of the quest to create a gratitude and appreciation tea for our Plum Deluxe lineup. Combining the timeless elegance of Earl Grey with the vibrant sweetness of strawberries, this blend exudes happiness with every sip. The fresh fruitiness of the strawberries harmonizes perfectly with the astringent bergamot notes of the Earl Grey, creating a dance of flavors that will uplift your spirits. Crafted with a Ceylon tea base infused with a gentle hint of vanilla, this tea offers a well-rounded body that beautifully complements its predominant flavors. 


    - A delightful blend of Strawberry and Earl Grey teas
    - Created as a gratitude and appreciation tea for Plum Deluxe lineup
    - Fresh fruitiness of strawberries balances with astringent bergamot of Earl Grey
    - Ceylon tea base with a gentle hint of vanilla provides body
    - Perfect for sipping with a touch of honey or sugar
    - Packaged in one ounce increments for freshness
    - Available for sampling upon request