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    Embark on a magical tea journey with our Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea Blend, a delightful concoction that captivates the senses with its mesmerizing blue hue and delicious flavor profile. Inspired by the enchanting transformation of a butterfly, this tea features vibrant blue butterfly pea flowers from Asia, renowned for their ability to turn a simple tea drink into a magical blue elixir. We've blended these exquisite flowers with a unique medley of berries and a hint of creamy vanilla to create a herbal tea that's perfect for any tea party or gathering.


    - Vibrant blue herbal tea blend with butterfly pea flowers
    - Bursting with fruity flavors including apple, berries, and citrus
    - Hint of creamy vanilla for added indulgence
    - Caffeine-free, suitable for all ages
    - Perfect for tea parties and gatherings
    - Each sip offers a mesmerizing visual and sensory experience
    - Includes lemon for enhancing the tea's blue color
    - Available in convenient one ounce packaging