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    "Emotions and the Heart" is a profound study that delves into a Biblical understanding of emotions. In this comprehensive exploration, participants are invited to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

    Throughout the course of four weeks, participants will engage with Scripture to gain insight into God's intentions for human emotions. Through thoughtful reflection and guided study, they will uncover valuable wisdom on how to interpret and express emotions in a manner that both honors God and serves others.

    This study goes beyond mere exploration—it empowers individuals to embrace their emotions as a vital aspect of their spiritual journey. By aligning their emotions with God's Word, participants will discover newfound clarity and purpose in navigating life's complexities.


    • Four-week study exploring a Biblical understanding of emotions
    • Rooted in Scripture to provide timeless wisdom and guidance
    • Helps participants interpret and express emotions in a God-honoring manner
    • Encourages self-reflection and spiritual growth
    • Offers practical insights for applying Biblical truths to daily life